The crew

The architects Patxi Mangado and Fernando Oiza, with a multifaceted business career, and specialization in dry and light construction systems based on timber, see the need to provide society with a solution to the problem of quality housing shortage.

For this reason, and due to the obsession to industrialize construction with timber that they share with Javier Osés, founder and chairman of ACR Grupo, they decided to incorporate Pedro Cirauqui, an industrial expert in timber carpentry, and thus develop this new joint initiative with the will of social benefit and environmental co-responsibility.

Quality comfortable homes; healthy and efficient; economically accessible for all based on timber and that allow one to live well anywhere.

Patxi Mangado

Architect of international renowned prestige, and economist. In his professional career, he combines practical practice, for which he has received numerous awards, with academic work at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and America.

In 2008 he promoted the Architecture and Society Foundation.

Fernando Oiza

A UNAV architect and UPV expert in timber construction. He has specialized in dry and light construction systems based on timber, due to a strong interest in the technique.

The integration of energy and architecture is another of his fields of research, mainly by bio-passive designs.

Javier Osés

Founder and chairman of ACR Group since 1973. ACR group sets the benchmark in global services for new construction and rehabilitation, and is one of the most relevant companies in the residential building sector.

Pedro Cirauqui

Founder of Cirauqui industries in 1978, focused on industrial production of timber-based products, laminates, design and manufacture of packaging and components for the wind industry through the company MEP.
Iñaki Etxeberria Zabalza
Bachelor of Business Management and Administration from UPNA, Master´s degree in Financial Management, with more than 25 years of experience in business management in the industrial and construction sectors.

María Alfonso

Graduated in Marketing from the University of Navarra and has an MBA with a specialization in business and digital marketing. She has more than 3 years of experience as an International Marketing and Communication Manager in China, and extensive knowledge of the American market.

Diego del Fresno
Civil Engineer, Canals and Ports from the University of Cantabria. With great interest in sustainable projects committed to the environment, he has more than 10 years of experience in the field of renewable energies.