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We love challenges!

ECO RESORTS, GLAMPING, CO-LIVING, and what else? If you have in mind to bring your business idea to life, challenge us and we will try our best.

We already have some ideas up our sleeves.

What if spending the night in a shelter was an experience in itself? What if elderly people who live alone could do it with others in a totally welcoming and beneficial environment for their health?

The result, Complex; natural, sustainable with a design aimed at communities where one can share and relax, making each moment a memory.

Resort Complex

The luxury of a passion. Private shelters next to a golf course where you can focus and unwind, without having to travel. It stands out for its high standing that fits perfectly with the stunning views of the course, and whose sole objective is to create a great experience for the players.

Cabaña sostenible en la naturaleza

Summer Complex

The luxury of fun. Designed for the little ones. Summer language camps in nature, and where they learn to have fun exploring forests, and the animals and plants that inhabit them. What better way to appreciate and take care of what surrounds us than having fun!

Vetereans Complex

The luxury of having time. Designed exclusively for our elders, who have always been there when we needed them most and who deserve peaceful and happy moments in which to enjoy every minute of their time. Spaces capable of becoming well-being areas, gym or bedrooms, just everything that makes Veterans Complex their new home. Quite simply, everything that makes Veterans Complex your new home.

Casas de madera en un campo de golf

Golf Complex

The luxury of nature. A weekend getaway in nature, but with all the luxuries of a city hotel.

Do you have extra ideas? The combination of units makes it perfect for a set of resort hotels, offices, cafes and workspaces and services.

Why Complex?

We are faithful to our principles of quality, well-being and commitment to the environment.

Thanks to the modular manufacturing system, the units can overlap each other, growing in extension.

It can be located wherever you want; at the top of the mountain, a valley, or by the seaside enjoying dreamy sunsets, wherever you can think of!

Out truck kit format eases the transport of our shelter units making them ready at the destination in just a few days.

The lightness of Complex makes its footprint on the ground minimal, remaining intact once it is removed.

It has natural wood finishes and quality materials to enjoy relaxing and warm moments.

Are you still thinking big?

The design team keeps on developing new retreats in the wild to make your dreams come true. Write us if you have any ideas and think we can collaborate.

You already know that we love challenges!