Discover mohma in all its versions.

Natural, sustainable, mobile design shelters.

A new space to be discovered awaits you where you´ve always dreamed of. Transportable, sustainable, and industrialized wooden modules down to the smallest detail so that you have everything you need to enjoy unique moments. What really matters is your well-being.

Structural Insulating Panel

A very light solution that provides a unique tightness in our mohmas, preventing outside air from leaking inside, or letting air out.

Outer profiled and galvanized metal sheet

The “guardian angel” of wood that protects it from weathering so that it will stay in perfect condition. k

Biophilic Design Vault

Inspired by nature as a key structural element in bio-construction, with its structural resistance and heat distribution.

The comfort of wood in architecture

It improves the health of its inhabitants by regulating the interior temperature and humidity, absorbing acoustic waves, and acting as a thermal insulator, reducing energy consumption.

Industrialized production

Mass-produced activity compared to traditional dwellings, through a systematization in the assembly, all of which helps drive process accelerations and keep time and costs down. All this in a controlled environment in our own workshops.

Energy efficient

Carefully selected facilities and designed under Passivhaus standards to ensure energy consumption reduction of up to 90%, always ensuring climate control and comfort.

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It´s up to you

Imagine your greatest adventures and how to make them come true, working hand in hand with mohma. As compact and flexible as you want. With endless possibilities for you to adapt it to your likes and needs, making it the home you´ve always dreamed of.

mohma Compact

2-4 people
Livable surface area 20.4 sqm (4 x5.1 m)

mohma Standard

4-6 people
Livable surface area 32.8 sqm (4 x8.2 m)

mohma Premium

6-8 people
Livable surface area 45.0 sqm (4 x 11.3 m)

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