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Which mohma fits me best?

The main difference between the 3 models, COMPACT, STANDARD and PREMIUM, is size. Then you must choose the finishes, BASIC or BASIC PLUS, depending on whether you want your tiny home to be completely empty (and you furnish or complete it to your liking) or with everything you need to settle in right away. On the other hand, and depending on your preferences, you can choose different accessories to make it completely self-sufficient.

Woodville has been carefully designed with the aim of providing a healthy residence for both the inhabitant and the environment. Built with natural materials and under Passivhaus criteria, it seeks to provide maximum comfort with minimum consumption, as well as minimal waste generation thanks to removable and reusable materials.

Sure, within the base structure that we offer. We have 3 models to choose from in which you can choose the distribution of room sizes to perfectly suit your needs.

* In the case of public institutions seeking private use, private hotels, and so on, each case shall be examined individually.

The tiny homes for its desig and performance, can be used as a main residence or for temporary stays, shelters, relocations, nursing homes, nature hotels, workspaces, guest rooms, whatever you´d like.

Yes. It has been designed to be completely self- sufficient so you can place it anywhere without any worry. You can choose as many extras as you need, solar panels, accumulators, and reach maximum energy efficiency in your tiny home. Do no worry, we have also solved the waste drainage and water cycle. Our team will explain you all in detail.

Of course. With home automation systems you can have remote control of your facilities and schedule their on and off. It includes the automation of energy consumption, water, lighting, air conditioning, security, everything you want.

Step by step in my purchase procedure

Woodville offers you a range of options with maximum living space in a tight size, at a price fully aligned with the market. You can find the different options here.

Get in touch with us by filling in the following form. Once you select which tiny home best suits your needs, you can choose between the Basic or Basic Plus model and add all kind of complements you want. After signing the contract, you must perform the right leveling and adaptation of the land for the implementation of the tiny home. At that time, we will start with the production and transport procurement, and within a period of 8 to 10 weeks plus one of installation, the tiny home will be ready on your land.

Yes, it depends on the city council, community, region, or country. We will guide you in the process, no strings attached. But it must be you the one who quests the permits.

The price of your tiny home depends on the finish you choose, Basic or Basic Plus, and if you decide to add accessories. Please, bear in mind, that transportation and assembling is not included in the price, which depends, and is calculated, based on the facility location. 

Yes. There are different banking entities that can offer you financing for the purchase of your mobil home. We tell you which ones.

Delivery and installation agreements

The manufacturing time is 8-10 weeks, depending on the production load, and installation at your site is 1 week. (Depending on the weather).

We will make sure your tiny home is installed and ready to use within the time limit established.

There is no need. The easiest way is carried out using adjustable supports, which are inserted into the ground, allowing your tiny home to sit perfectly level. In addition, the supports are retractable, so that, if you ever wish to change location, you will leave without a trace on the ground.

* In the case of public institutions seeking private use, private hotels, and so on, each case shall be examined individually.

Yes. We provide you with technical plans so that you can locate the energy, water and wastewater drainage connections at the specific points where your tiny home should be connected to.

* If you want your tiny home to be completely autonomous, we can offer you the installation of solar panels, water capture systems and waste management.

Consult with our technical team and we will advise you accordingly.

Support and warranty

We offer a 3-years manufacturer´s warranty. Properly designed and preserved wooden buildings, made with the right materials, last for centuries. In the Product Manual we include the instructions so that you can enjoy your tiny home in perfect condition for many years.

Once you buy your tiny home, together with the keys we will hand you over a product manual in which you can find some little tips, so you know how to keep it in good condition, since they are designed for easy maintenance.

The tiny homes have been designed to withstand wind. Its full weight ranges between 3,000 and 5,500K and, we also install safety anchoring elements so that it does not tip over. Its stability, elasticity and strenth are maximum, even superior to a traditional construction.

Energy-efficient ventilation is a double flow system in which stale air is expelled from the interior giving up its energy to the clean air for renewal. As it is permanently running, you will always enjoy clean air with practically no loss of energy.

The entering outside air is filtered so that, it enters free of dust particles, pollen, mites, and so on. The tiny home also works hard to protect your lungs.

Yes.  It is designed under Passivhaus standards, which reduces heating and cooling needs by 90% compared to the average consumption of a home. In addition, timber acts as an excellent insulator, maintaining ideal temperature conditions.

With the installation of a simple ventilation system, you can enjoy comfort both in summer and winter. You will even be able to use only solar energy with a self-sufficient mohma.

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