Well Living Homes

New ways of living in nature.

Healthy home, designed with natural materials and under Passivhaus criteria, where you can enjoy maximum comfort and minimum consumption, with nothing to worry about. Relaxing moments in a place to connect with oneself in nature.

Your health is in your hands.

Woodville is aware of how important our health is. What we eat, what we do and where we live affect us. Therefore, we seek to promote the well-being of all who live in our mohmas with a design under Passivhaus standards, ensuring low energy consumption through thermal insulation and ventilation systems that enables climate control at all times.

Worrying about the environment.

Because we know that in order to enjoy what we have, we must protect it. That is why we choose high quality materials and innovative technologies designed so that you do not leave a carbon footprint. You will be able to generate your own power and water resources and manage waste by transforming it into fertilizers.

Enjoy its design.

By the seaside, up in the mountain hill, deep in a forest, or on a plot in your hometown. It is designed to provide the greatest well-being for those who inhabit it, thanks to its signature design and enveloping wood that will make you part of a whole. Not too big, not too small, it has everything you need to make you feel at home.

Passionate about wood.

We want your experience in mohma to be unique and that you enjoy the full benefits of wood; SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL, RENEWABLE, LONG-LASTING. That is the reason why we use timber from sustainably managed forests as the main structural element, and because we seek to generate the least environmental impact in all our productions.

100 % Self-sufficient

If you are thinking of placing your mohma where no one can disturb you, don’t worry, we have already thought how to make it happen. You can generate your own power and water resources by installing solar panels, as well as septic tanks for waste management turning them into fertilizers. You will reduce costs while giving the planet a break.

A world to escape to.

Discover the place you always wanted to know and go as many times as you want, forget about concerns and daily stress. Now you can focus on what really matters, you and yours, and share moments in nature.

Jump in, sit back, and enjoy. Each adventure needs its moment, find yours and let yourself go.

Freedom as you wish.

If you don´t want to feel tied down, but to have your life under control, with mohma you will decide whether you want it to be your second home, and have a refuge to escape to, or your main home. Choose the model that best suits you, Compact, Standard or Premium, and don’t worry about anything else.

Construcción casa modular

Easier than you think.

Our modular and pre-fabricated production system is key to facilitate quick and easy transportation. The previous installation in our workshops will make everything much easier than a traditional construction, thus allowing systematization and quality control from the outset.

2 new ways
of living