We aim to provide a comfortable and essential place in communion with nature.


Change the way in which dwellings are conceived and produced, to create much more sustainable, ecological and community spaces.

Industrial Innovation.

Woodville combines technology and design to offer a set of innovative services in all its mohmas. Through digitized production, inherent to an industrialization process, it seeks system optimization, and efficient and controlled assembly at all times.

The prefabrication of wood enables us to offer planning and control of the entire process, resulting in integrated and standardized sets, an optimization of the final result.

An assembly solution that can be done in a couple of days, not months.

Innovación de nuestras casas de madera

Guaranteed deadlines and prices.

Woodville’s design, development and installation services enable dimensional coordination and optimization of all our products. By integrating all processes, we ensure factory control throughout development and achieve faster execution and meeting deadlines.

With this kind of precision, we also guarantee that there are no subsequent costs or delays in delivery.

Minimum consumption and waste generation.

The new production system for assembly, in addition to being easier and cheaper than traditional concrete and cement constructions, encourages the use of proximity materials that are respectful with the environment. Materials that require minimal energy and water consumption during use.

We seek a reuse of materials for new uses and thus achieve maximum use and reduction of waste generated.

Planos de transporte casas prefabricadas

Efficient transportation and CO2 reductions.

Woodville has developed a kit model to ease transportation and on-site delivery of our mohmas. Thanks to the lightness of all the components of the modular manufacturing system, they are stored and transported together on a single truck, thus reducing CO2 emissions considerably.

In addition, we go to the closest storage point to the project location and with a single trip we provide our team with all the materials to carry out the assembly.

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